Dr. James Shosenberg

The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) wishes to extend a very special thank you to Dr. James W. Shosenberg. His tireless research efforts detailing the history of the ODA provided the foundation for this website. Without his work this site simply would not have been possible.

A retired public health dentist, member of the ODA and former editor for Ontario Dentist journal, Dr. Shosenberg is the foremost expert on the history of the ODA, and much of the historical material featured on this website is explored in greater detail in his upcoming book, Rise of the ODA.

In addition, the ODA would also like to thank:

  • Erin Vollick, Communications Officer, Editor-in-Chief, University of Toronto Dentistry Magazine
  • Kindha Gorman, Manager, Communications Manager, Canadian Dental Association
  • Maxime Chouinard, Curator, Museum of Health Care at Kingston
  • Abigail Miller, Corporate Records & Archival Services Assistant, Northhumberland County
  • Dr. Anne Dale, Curator Emerita, Museum of Dentistry, University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry