Dawn of the ODA
 Barnabas Day, First President of the ODA – 1867
Barnabas Day (1833)

Barnabas W. Day  was born on a farm near Kingston, Ont., on July 2, 1833. Drawn to medicine in his early 20s, Day served as an apprentice with a local dentist, then established a rudimentary practice of his own in 1856. Day later enrolled in the faculty of medicine at Queen’s College, graduated with a medical degree in April 1862, and was soon recognized as one of Ontario’s most educated and skilled dentists.

In addition to the training and experience that set him apart from his peers, Day was said to possess a charm that allowed him to befriend high-ranking public figures. Thanks to his connections with the political elite, Day learned that Canada West (now known as Ontario) would be altered with the formation of the Dominion of Canada. He saw before him an atmosphere of change, and an opportunity to address the on-going problem of untrained, unlicensed dentists.

Learn more about Barnabas Day in the pages of Ontario Dentist: The Journal of the Ontario Dental Association.

Photo (Top): Courtesy of the Archives of the Ontario Dental Association
Photo (Right): Courtesy of Thinkstock
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